System Specification

The issues of drone for an authority

It is very difficult today for an authority to respond to drones issues because it is a threat that is difficult to identify and is constantly evolving technologicallyMoreover, it addresses a multitude of matters such as regulations, technical means, taking into account local specificities and often questions of sovereignty.

In response, there are many turnkey anti-drone solutions that are not adapted to every mission, threat and theater of operations.

U-SpaceKeeper Team Advisry for ConOps

A step-by-step study

Our team offers a support study, which can be implemented at any stage of your C-UAS project, to help you achieve your protection goals.

Our team of consultants comes from the operational world, that is why our program takes place in total interaction with your staff through various means: role play for ConOPS definition, on site workshops, questionaries and restitution.

Tried and tested methodologies

We bring our experience and know-how through support study that address each issue using proven methodologies specific to each subject:

Concept of operation

We define, with you, through workshop, the operational concept and expectations of your future anti-drone system, regarding your mission and the threats you are facing.

Site study and survey

We visit and study the environment in which your system will be deployed and operated, the nature of the threat, and the theaters of operations (urban, noisy, sensitive geographical area); it requires a careful analysis of the environment in order to define a system with the best performance/price ratio.

System specification

We design your future system in order to deliver an exhaustive description of your future anti-drone system and associated sensors and effectors.

We are an independent experts

We provide impartial advices, our approach is to be on your side, and build with you the most effective solution to protect your assets, based on our expertise and our open architecture and modular platform.

We do not manufacture sensors and effectors. We are free to serve our customers as an independent “honest broker.”

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