Meet the drone original and innovative solution allowing agile deployment of
C-UAS and UTM systems.


We are independent C-UAS experts.

We help you to select the most adapted sensors and effectors to your mission and your sites.

Our open architecture software allows to select and integrate industry leading sensors and effectors to create your tailor-made counter-drone solution

We specify Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems means for your critical sites

We test & select most adapted sensors and effectors for your critical sites

We deploy Command & Control software, and integrate industry leading sensors & effectors


We implement & develop regulations for national authorities, help airspace users to estimate missions’ risk & complexity

We dematerialize flights authorization requests and set up digital collaborative tools for authorities and pilots

We monitor drones in real time around selected areas, manage alerts and deconflict drones trafic

Protect your sites

Our team has worked on counter-drone for several years.

We support authorities in their counter-drone program, we co-define CONOPS, we study the sites to protect, we specify the system, we deploy central C2 then select, test and integrate industry leading sensors and effectors,  in order to provide a tailor-made C-UAS solutions.

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Integrate safely drones operations

Since 2017, Innov’ATM has been developing expertise and software to meet the current challenges of ANSPs: the safety of drone operations.

Currently, we are working with European ANSPs in the implementation of AirSpace Management,  aiming at regulating the airspace in order to facilitate safe UAS operations in controlled airspace.

We are also a source of innovation: the European Union has entrusted us with the preparation of the Urban Air Mobility with TindAIR project.

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